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Please join us for the retirement ceremony for Richard Butzbach. He is retiring from the US Navy Submarine Service after 20 years. This event will take place on Saturday October 27th at the Virginia Aquarium. There will be a reception to follow at Richard and Christine's house.

General Information

Please observe the RSVP date on your invitations. If you have not called, emailed or found me on Facebook to give me your reply by the 12th of October, I will have to mark you down as not coming. We aren't trying to be annoying or to hardline or bully anyone into a decision, but we do have more than one group who needs an accurate guest count.

Doors will open for admission at 10:30 am with the 
ceremony to start promptly at 10:45. There will be Aquarium employees at the entrance to direct/escort you to the Promenade Room. Just tell them that you're here for Richard's retirement.

If you are late and the ceremony has started, you will have to wait until colors are retired before taking your seat. There will be no moving around during that part of the ceremony.

The ceremony will last about 1 hour. The preferred style of dress is business casual. What does this mean? Slacks and and a button up shirt with a tie for men. For women, it's a nice blouse with a shirt or slacks. Or a nice dress, but nothing to formal. No ball gowns or full suits. But then, no jeans, sandals or tye-dye, either. Save that for the party afterward :)

Please turn off your cellphones during the ceremony. If your phone rings during the ceremony, you're buying a beer for everyone at the reception (you'll have to stop and get it before going to the house) :)

Children of all ages are more than welcome to attend both the ceremony and the following reception. For anyone bringing very young children, I will set aside space upstairs in our house so that you will have a quiet place to sit at need.

The reception will start around noon. Exact start times depends on the exact length of the ceremony. Snacks, lunch and beverages (both nonalcoholic and alcoholic) will be provided. Feel free to bring. a change of clothes as the reception will be far more casual.

The reception will be at our house. That address is 4003 Francis Lee Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23452.

Parking is not unlimited, but there is quite a bit of it. Carpooling might be wise to cut down the number of cars, but if we run out of parking in Holland Meadows, I will direct you to our secondary site (the parking lot adjoining the complex). Parking there will include a very short walk, but there's not a lot I can do about that.

Please be aware that anyone drinking alcohol will need either a designated driver or to call a taxi to get home (if local). We have a limited amount of space at the house, which will go on a first come, first serve basis. We will start confiscating car keys if anyone appears drunk :)

The reception will end around 5. However, you may stay longer or leave earlier as you wish.

We will have anything containing alcohol clearly marked as such. If you are bringing children, it will be your responsibility to keep them away from the booze.

If you have any dietary concerns or requests (please be aware that I will disregard any boob requesting lobster, filet mignon, etc) contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you. 

We will provide Pepsi, Coke and a Sprite or 7up type soda. For beer, it will be Corona and Bud Light. If you have a soda or beer/wine/whatever you would like to have, feel free to bring it and we will put it on ice for you.


Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center - Promenade Room
717 General Booth Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 (MAP)
Cecelia Campbell | (757) 385-0306 | CSCampbe@VirginiaAquarium.com

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0900: Doors open for the setup detail and the rehearsal party
0900-1000: Rehearsal time (estimated end time)
1000-1030: Guest Arrive, seated by 1040, doors closed
1045-1145: Ceremony time (estimated end time)
1145-1200: Cleanup

Attire - Business Casual (No Suits)

 Civilian Guests: Men - Button up shirt w/tie, slacks (no jeans) / Women - dress, skirt, slacks, blouse (no gown)
 Participants & Military Guests: Service Dress Blues w/Ribbons


Sponsor: ET1 Shaun Foley
Presenter of Awards: LTJG Scott Sally
Guest Speaker: Mrs. Christine Butzbach
Master of Ceremony: LT Andrew Palas
Sideboys: STS1(SS) Jonathan Rhode
STS2(SS) Thomas Myers
STS2(SS) Gilbert Leopold
ET2(SS) Grant Peterson
Boatswain's Mate: BM2(SW) Kenyatta Joans
Color Guard: NNSY Color Guard
Ceremonial Bell Ringer: STS2(SS) Daniel Rigdon

Booklet Content

Piping Ashore | Fair Winds and Following Seas | Tradition of the Sideboys | The Watch | Old Glory | Folds of the Flag | Navy Wife | Wife's Watch

Flag Flown over Point of Interest

 LOCATION: USS Nautilus (SSN 571) - (860) 694-3558
 ADDRESS: USS Nautilus, PO Box 571, Groton, CT 06349
 Send ensign and letter request

Shadow Box

 - My Shadowbox - Laser engraving, shadowboxes, retirement gifts, wood plaques, etc.
   8467 Chesapeake BLVD, Norfolk, VA 23518 - (757) 588-2555 - FAX (757) 588-0290
   http://www.myshadowbox.org - Joe@myshadowbox.org

 - Orama's Nautical - "A Touch Of Class" - Military Gifts - Custom Framing and Shadow Boxes - JEB Little Creek - Ft. Story
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   4801 Shell Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 - (757) 460-0077 - FAX (757) 460-0072
   http://www.oramasnautical.com - oramasnautical@cox.net


Post Ceremony Reception



PART A - Ceremony Planning Timeline | Contacts


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Guest List (Restricted)

*Setting up for my 20 year Navy Retirement Ceremony! (more)

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